To our friends and family…


Can’t tell you how exhilarating it is to type those words. We’re so excited to get to share what God has been doing in us and what we sense Him leading us to.

For the last 2 years, we’ve been a part of Zoe Church in beautiful Los Angeles, CA, with pastors Chad & Julia Veach (undeniably some of the best of the best!). We’ve thrown ourselves into serving this city and building church with an amazing team of people.

The Andersens.jpg

And we’ve loved what we have gotten to be a part of. Zoe is an amazing place and made up of amazing people…no place like it.

This spring, we started to sense God was speaking to us something new…a new season / a new direction. 

Same mission, but new call.

After much prayer, many discussions between Becka and I, some God-moments and direct confirmation, it became undeniably clear as to what we felt God was asking us to do.

We sat with our pastors and shared what we felt God was calling us to. They confirmed both the call on us to pastor a new church and the timing of it.

So it is with the blessing of our pastors, the support of our church, families and the leaders in our lives, we are so excited to introduce…


Next stop…DENVER

Our new city! In our process of where God was leading us, this city was put clearly in our path. This is the city where God has called our family.

And we couldn’t be more excited…

Denver is an incredible city…marked by natural beauty and rapidly expanding. Spend any amount of time in the city and you’ll feel the progress. It has outperformed the national growth average every decade since the 1930’s and continues to grow. 

But all that beauty and all that progress can’t hide the brokenness that many in that city experience. There’s a poverty of the soul that no career, no relationship, no measure of success, no social status, no activity or experience, no drug or distraction could ever resolve.

And that’s why we’re going. To carry the only thing that can give any real hope or produce any real change…the Gospel message of God’s grace.

We recognize there are many great churches in the area and are honored to be called to work alongside the pastors and teams who have been sowing and building ahead of us. We also recognize that the growth of that city creates great need for more life-giving churches to reach people who have yet to experience the Gospel and a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

So what’s next?

The next few weeks will be a transition phase and we will be focused on moving, traveling and training during that time. We’re working to find a house in Denver and doing all the behind the scenes *stuff* to lay the groundwork for this new church.

What can I do to help?

You couldn’t have asked a better question…ha!

01 PRAY…here’s what we’re believing for:

    • A house that suits us in Denver...space to host in the RIGHT area, with the RIGHT landlords, for the RIGHT price!

    • Money for the steps we need to take in the next 6 weeks…costs for incorporating our church, ARC training and moving expenses!

    • Favor in the city…wide open doors

    • Divine Connections...right people, right place, right time

    • Smooth transition for our kids! Helping them process the transition in the healthiest way...probably gonna have to buy a trampoline (ha!)

02 GIVE…if God puts it on your heart to give towards building Seasons Church, we will soon have details on what’s needed and how you can give.

03 SHARE THE STORY…help us spread the word! Keep up with our progress by subscribing to our email list or following us on social media (@seasons.church // @joshuaandersen // @beckaandersen).

We’re faith-filled and expectant for what God is going to do in the days ahead!


We love you all,

Josh & Becka 

(+ Nora, Liam, Lola & Judah)

Seasons Church